New Titanium Tunnel maker

The new Tunnel maker was designed to comply with the new Cornealring changes. Please see the changes below:

Nuevo Tunelizador de Titanio

Larger visual field (21% larger)

The surgeon's visual area has increased, easing the performance of tasks such as the fixing of the Double fixation forceps at the peri-limbic conjunctivae.

Greater brightening:

Diameter increase plus reduction of "neck" size allowing the new Tunnel maker to operate under more than double the previous brightening model.

Greater efficiency:

The force used at the stromal tunnel making was amplified by the increase in the manipulation cylinder diameter.

Greater control:

With a larger diameter cylinder, each movement the surgeon's hand makes causes a less range displacement in the curved spatula, allowing course corrections anytime. Control is also eased due to the Manipulation Cylinder operation closer to the eye.

Greater lightness:

The 57% weight reduction was achieved specially by reducing the "neck" size and using titanium as raw material.

New material:

Titanium provides resistance and easy cleaning, in addition to lightness. Fewer glares. Its curved spatula implants rings with inner diameter (optical zone) down to 5 mm, opposed to the 4.4 mm of the old model.


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