About the Pachymetry:

    The pachymetric value to be introduced in this software is that determined in the exact site where you will make the incision. The software will calculate 75% of this value, and this must be the diamond blade calibration.

    It is important to evaluate too the pachymetry of the entire corneal area through where the segment will be implanted. This may be done through pachymetric maps obtained from equipments such as Pentacan or Orbscan, or even using a ultrasonic pachymeter that should search the whole 5mm diameter zone. The pachymetry along the implantation zone should be at least the double of the segment thickness in order to supply enough stroma to involve it, avoiding histologycal and metabolic alterations that may jeopardize the surgery results. As an example, a cornea that is 400 micrometers thick may accept segments UP TO 200 micrometers. If the software calculates, for this exemplified case, a segment of 250 micra, we should alter the planning, using a segment of 200 micra. Certainly, the corneal flattening obtained will be a little lesser than expected,  nevertheless, it is better a undercorrection, than a suffering cornea.