About keratometry:


    The keratometry data to be supplied to the program should be, preferentially, the ones provided by the simulated keratometry "Sim K" of the axial topographical map in diopters (D).

    When the topographer instead of supplying the "Sim K", just supplies K1 and K2 in the diameters of 3, 5 and 7 mm , we should choose the 3 mm one because it is the one the most resembles the simulated keratometry.

    The topographical map is the main tool in the determination of the surgical strategy. This way if this exam is not properly done it must be repeated until it is appropriate to be evaluated. In case this is overruled, there is a very big risk to determine inadequate Ring Segments for the case.

    The manual keratometry may be of great use, in case the map is not reliable.

    Patients bearing physical or mental deficiencies, that may create difficulties to get a good topographical map, induce the use of inadequate and mispositioned segments.