About Ectasic Area Distribution Type:

    This software requires information about how the ectasic area is distributed in the cornea. For that, we use the steepest meridian indicated on the topography ("Sim K" of the axial map) as reference to split the cornea into two hemispheres. Then, you must observe if the ectasic area is equally distributed in both hemispheres or if this area is concentrated in just one.

    The best way to analyse the keratoconus morphology and it's distribution in relation to the steepest corneal meridian, is to use the "Normalized Scale".  

This way, we created the following classification for the:  Ectasic Area Distribution:

Very asymmetric type: Almost the totality of the ectasic area (at least 75%) is located in one hemisphere and a small portion is placed in the other.

Moderately asymmetric type: 2/3 of the ectasic area is in one corneal hemisphere and 1/3 is in the other.

Symmetric type: The corneal steepest meridian splits the ectasic area into equal part (half by half).