Titulu técnica quirúrgica

Surgical Procedure:

Figura pós-operatória mostrando o posicionamento do cornealring no estroma A 0.8µm length radial incision is made between the 5.0µm and 7.0µm optical zones, at the cornea most curved meridian, according to the preoperative topography. The diamond knife should be calibrated at a 75% deep of the ultra-sonic pachymetry at the incision site. Making of the tunnels with proper instruments. Insertion of Cornealring segments.
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PMMA ( polymethyl methacrylate)

05 models in variable thicknesses

150, 200, 250,300 e 350

Approximate arch length:

155o - standard segment
220o - special segment for small or absent astigmatism

(other lengths - orders under consultation)

Manipulation opening
De 0,20µm in each end

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